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College Football

2008 Father's Day Showcase

"The Manning Bowl"

1969 Ole Miss vs. 1997 Tennessee
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1990 National Championship
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Saturday, January 12, 1991
Sugar Bowl, New Orleans, LA

Georgia Tech
Yellow Jackets

College Football Quiz

Herschel Walker, Doug Flutie, Tommy Frazier, Charles Woodson & Tim Tebow are just some of the greats who have roamed the college gridiron in the last 35-years.

Below are some names that you might not know right away, but these players had an impact on the game's history.

Try to guess the significant play (or game in Roland Sales' case) that they were involved with (be as specific as possible) and check your answers.

Example: Lindsay Scott...he was the Georgia WR who caught a 93-yard touchdown pass to beat Florida in 1980 and keep the Dawgs undefeated. They went on to win the National Title. Here is the play..."Run Lindsay"

Score one-point for every correct answer.

Ken Calhoun
Calhoun video 

Pete Giftopoulos
Giftopoulos video

George Teague
Teague video

Derek Lewis
Lewis video (FWD to the 2:16 mark)

David Gordon
Gordon video

Gerry Thomas
Thomas video

Roland Sales

Dan Mowrey
Mowrey video (FWD to the 12:38 mark)

Charles S. "Charlie" Johnson
Johnson video

Sirr Parker
Parker video

Matt Davison
Davison video

Glenn Sharpe
Sharpe video

Barry Krauss
Krauss video

Answers to College FB Quiz

13 correct = Heisman Winner
12-10 = All-American
9-7 = All-Conference
6-4 = Starter
3-1 = Red-Shirt
0 correct = You do know that this
is a sports website, right?

1982 National Championship

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Penn State  17
SMU  14

1982 National Championship
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2010 NCAA Playoffs

2010 Auburn Tigers

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1961 National Championship
from the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL

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University of Alabama
Ohio State University

Jimmy Chitwood Times Preview

1961 Ohio State vs. Alabama

2009 Texas Longhorns

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2009 NCAA Football

1969 National Championship

Texas  21
Penn State  14

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1969 National Championship

Wikipedia article on 1969 Texas-Arkansas game with controversy created by President Nixon

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article by Shelly Anderson
from 11-17-2006

Reversal of Fortune

1993 Notre Dame

1998 Kansas State

Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association

Thanks to Tex Noel for Stats on the 1998 KSU - Texas A & M game

2009 Father's Day Showcase

"The Griese Bowl"

1966 Purdue vs. 1997 Michigan

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2008 Oklahoma Sooners

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2008 NCAA Football

1991 NCAA Football- Washington vs. Miami (FL)
Neil B. from Washington writes: I have been looking at more of your games and would like to see a 1991 Washington Huskies vs. 1991 Miami Hurricanes who finished as Co-National Champions

1991 Miami (FL)

1991 Washington

1991 Football- Miami (FL) vs. Washington

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(12-0)                       (12-0)

2007 Kansas Jayhawks

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2007 NCAA Football

1997 Football- Michigan vs. Nebraska

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(12-0)                       (13-0)

Saturday, January 17, 1998
Fiesta Bowl, Tempe, AZ

The Pond's replay article

Huskerpedia re-cap of 1997 NU

1997 U of M results and stats

1997 NU roster, results and stats

Detroit Free Press article

Sports Illustrated article

2006 Florida Gators

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2006 NCAA FB








NCAA Football Tour (1985-2005)

 2001 Miami Hurricanes 

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