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College Hoops

Ramblin' Wreck Challenge
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1986 Georgia Tech  85
1990 Georgia Tech  66
Mark Price scores 33 for the '86s

Golden Gopher Challenge

1977 Minnesota vs 1997 Minnesota - BB
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LeBron Goes to School

(click above for the 2003-04 Buckeyes season of LeBron)

Instead of opting for the NBA, Akron's favorite son heads to Columbus for a year of college basketball

Fathers vs. Sons
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1977 Minnesota (Mychal Thompson)


2011 Washington State (Klay Thompson)


1986 Virginia Tech (Dell Curry)


2008 Davidson (Stephen Curry)

College Basketball Greats Tournament
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1992 Duke Blue Devils

Final Score - Ohio Valley All-time Championship

2012 Murray State  85
1973 Austin Peay  75

1973 Austin Peay vs. 2012 Murray State
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Final Score - Colonial All-time Championship

2006 George Mason  71
2011 VCU  64

2011 VCU vs. 2006 GMU
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Father's Day - 2010
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1980 Louisville
(Dad-Derek Smith)
2010 Duke
(Son-Nolan Smith)

1976 Indiana
(Dad-Scott May)
2005 North Carolina
(Son-Sean May)

 Reversal of Fortune

1992 Kentucky Wildcats

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