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A list of teams that we are currently seeking information for future simulations. If you can help...

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1976 (NY) Canarsie Basketball - need detailed box scores & roster
1976 Long Island (NY) Babylon Basketball - need detailed box scores & roster
1974 Long Island (NY) St. Anthony's Basketball - need detailed box scores & roster
1978 Mount Vernon (NY) Basketball - need detailed box scores & roster


1996 Westminster Christian (FL) Baseball - need stats & positions
1984 Gonzalez (FL) Tate Baseball - need stats & positions
1979 Scottsdale (AZ) Coronado Baseball - need stats & positions
1978 Wichita Southeast - need stats & positions
1985 Harper Woods (MI) Bishop Gallagher Baseball - need stats & positions
1994 Toledo (OH) Start Baseball - need stats & positions
2001 (FL) Seminole Baseball - need stats & positions
1989 Sarasota (FL) Baseball - need stats & positions
1985 (FL) Hialeah-Miami Lakes Baseball - need stats & positions

A little info about the site...

I'll try to answer a few questions that I've been asked over the years

1. Why Jimmy Chitwood when there's football, baseball, hockey, etc.?
I liked Hoosiers...a lot. Thought it was cheesy in a couple of parts, but well done and captured the essence of high school athletics. Jimmy Chitwood the character, embodied what athletes strive to be. Since he is fictional, and the games on the site are fictional, I tried to tie that in.

2. Is this done with a computer replay?
I wish. The games would be done quicker. I tried to perform football simulations via EA NCAA Football a few years ago, but entering every player's ranking was tedious, plus the passing aspect was never accurate. If a team didn't throw a lot, I'd try to set the ratings low in a run-oriented offense, but instead you'd get a guy going 4-for-30 passing. The games are played one play at a time. The formulas are my own, derived from probabilities and tendencies that are gathered from stats or box scores. A lot of the research is done viewing microfilm of old newspapers. Sometimes you get lucky and find a site or person that kept accurate stats for high school teams, but mostly it's hunt-and-search. it is a true labor of love though.

3. No way could a team from the 1950s compete with a team from modern any sport.
Probably not. A ton of factors would indicate that to be true. Enhanced weight training, diet, etc., would make it unlikely. The spirit of the site is to promote greatness and spur discussion. If it helps, maybe consider the 1950s candidate having access to the same advantages as the modern athlete. I still think great players would be great in any era. Would any one person be able to bring down a 1973-Earl Campbell or a 1950s-Jim Brown...doubt it. In 2015, we revised some things for the simulations, using Greats & Legends tournaments to separate the eras more. Greats will have the more modern teams (unless there is such a superb team from the 1980s or 1970s that could compete with contemporary squads. The Legends will have teams generally before 1990.

4. Favorite teams or players that you've researched?
The best thing about the research is learning about these great teams' strengths as well as their weaknesses. You gain a true appreciation for the dedication that it took and what they accomplished while being students first (in most cases). Every team is unique. A couple that come to mind:

1979 Huntington Beach Edison football - A 2-loss team from a surfing community...ranked in the top-5 in the nation??? After pulling up information on them, the high ranking was legit. The Chargers had superb balance with QB Frank Seurer, RB Kerwin Bell and TE Mark Boyer. Mr. Seurer mentioned that they read their press-clippings and got a little full of themselves, but once they got it rolling...unstoppable.
1976 Baltimore Lake Clifton basketball - Legendary team for Coach Woody Williams, starters were 6' 3, 6' 4, 6' 6, 6' 7 and 6' 7 with balanced scoring. Arnold "Clyde" Gaines, Rodney "Pop" Wright were the guards, while the frontline consisted of Robert Brown, Ernest Graham and Kevin Graham. Finished 22-2 with both losses to #1 team in the nation, Washington DC Dunbar.
1980 Joplin (MO) Parkwood Football - The numbers that this team put up: 653 points for; 33 against in a 14-0 season. QB Alan Cockrell was the man. He's currently (2015) the Assistant Hitting Instructor for the Yankees, but back in 1980 he could run or pass with alarming efficiency. They had some other stars also like WB Terry Wemer. Looking forward to see how they'll do in the 1980 playoffs & the Missouri Greats.

Please give us your feed-back or comments about the website. Dissenting views are encouraged, which is one of the primary reasons for the site.
If there are any match-ups from any particular sport in your state that you would liked to see, let us know. If we are able to get accurate statistics and a roster, we'll play it!

Also, send us links to sites that hi-light great amateur team achievements.
Hope you enjoy the site and here is the contact info:


Subject: 2009 NCAA Playoffs

"Texas?!?! You pick (Texas) to win the (2009) NCAA Playoff???? You need to do a re-boot or read a newspaper!! Roll Tide won it on the field, not in some computer replay!! How about three straight years (2007-2009) with that joke of a conference (Big-12) winning your playoffs???!!?"

From SEC Country

Editor's Response: In the case of Texas in 2009, you can't argue with what Alabama did on the field.
They deserve the accolades and I would agree, they are the better team.
In defense of the Longhorns winning the simulation
game, this was one game and Colt McCoy did NOT get injured in the simulation. Alabama would not beat Texas EVERYTIME they played each other. Maybe they'd win 7-out of-10, but who knows. If you look at the simulation stats, the Tide outplayed them, but some weird occurrences took place (2-blocked punts, 2-missed FGs)
Also, the playoff is setup as an 8-team tournament. That plays a role in difficult matchups, fatigue, etc.
Alabama may be the better team, but for one simulated game, it didn't turn out that way.

Subject: PA Greats Football Tournament

Thank you for putting together a wonderful site! I have a lot of great memories of playing with an unbelievable group of guys in McKeesport. The Pennsylvania HS greats tournament was very enjoyable and entertaining to read. I love how in depth you were with the stats and highlights of each game. Thanks again for including the 1994 McKeesport team. It was truly a pleasure to be associated with that team, although I think we would have fared a little better than the quarterfinals. HA-HA

Thanks again,
Bill Isbir
QB 1994 McKeesport Tigers

Hey I think this is an awesome idea...I wish someone would create a video with the same premise. I do have to comment on my McKeesport Tigers losing to the 1945 Donora team...As member of the !994 McKeesport defense, I can honestly say there is no way any team would have rushed for 200+ yards...It just wouldn't happen. I'm sure we weren't the only ones, but when we were blowing teams out, our starters would sit the entire 2nd half, some games we'd be sitting by the middle of the second quarter, I say that to say this, the numbers do not reflect
our dominance. I heard about the 87 North Hills team, the one thing you have to take into account is that our offense ran a no-huddle, we owned the fourth quarter of every game for a reason. Not to mention we won the state championship without two of our starting linemen. Again, I appreciate the attempt but you can't deny greatness. We were the best to ever come out of Western Pa. Period. On a side note, the person who did your research may want to take note, that Saeon Coleman, Free-Safety was 2nd in total tackles behind Brandon Short, I think it's a safe bet to acknowledge him as a defensive star also...Of course I'm a little bias....
It is absolutely an honor for our team to be recognized almost 15 years later, along with the greatest high school teams ever! I agree, these were all great Championship teams.
Someone needs to contact EA sports, and get the
video game in motion, it would be awesome! You guys definitely did your research.  
I bet Bill Isbir, wanted a touchdown pass somewhere in there!! LOL!
Keep up the great work, and thanks again.

Saeon Coleman
McKeesport Defensive Back

Subject: PA Hoop Greats

Thanks for all your work with this mythical tournament. I played for P-W '63 and although we lost to Carlisle, it was a trip down memory lane. Laughed out loud noticing the officials were Duke Maronic (who actually had our state title game against Norwin), Steve Honzo, etcetera. You made it seem almost real.
Thanks for the memories. I am passing your site and tournament on to all my teammates and Coach Stofko who is 80 years old and will certainly get a kick out of it.
Jim Moore (Plymouth-Whitemarsh '63)

Subject: 1999 Detroit CC vs. 2006 GPN Baseball

Kevin writes:

The simulation that you shared with me looks pretty cool! Thanks for including the link in your e-mail. I have been coaching HS baseball in Michigan for some 20+ years and have had over 150 players go on to play at the collegiate or professional level. Currently, I have at least half a dozen former players playing D1, 9 in the minors and one in the major league--JJ Putz. Needless to say, I am in agreement that the '99 CC team was the best HS baseball team to ever play in Michigan. While a number of guys from that team played on the collegiate level, four are still playing in the minor league today.

I think that the 99 team would welcome the challenge from other teams seeking the title of the best HS baseball team ever in the state of Michigan. I happen to call Bobby Malek and Anthony Tomey yesterday, and shared with them, the link to the website you provided me with in your e-mail. Needless to say, knowing their competitive nature, they were very intrigued and welcomed any new challenge.
Thanks for your contribution in helping the boys re-live that magical season. Long live the "Glory Days."

'99 DCC v. '06 GP North

Scott writes:

This is a great website! By any chance could you do O’Dea Bball 1997(29-0 with NBA player Kevin Burleson) against Mount Vernon 1992(with Mark Hendrickson). I appreciate it a lot!

'92 Mount Vernon vs. '97 O'Dea BB

Dave writes

I conducted a tournament like this for the IHSA in the mid 1990s, using every state champ, as well as a separate tournament for Class A. It was in the state tournament series programs (Regionals, Sectionals and State). Additionally, the tv company made a film of each of the Elite 8 games (putting together a 1 minute film) for each Class 1972 Thornridge beat 1958 Marshall in the tournament, called Ultimate Madness. I also did a playoff game between 1972 Thornridge and 1971 East Chicago Washington (Indiana) for a newspaper, which Thornridge won.

PA Football Tournament
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